Drones of OSCE monitoring mission have spotted “DPR” tanks (Donetsk People’s Republic) outside Mariupol, as said in report Oct. 3.

UAV fighters have spotted two tanks, 55 kilometers from Mariupol in the village of Michurin. Another group of tanks has been spotted in the village of Bezymyannoe, 29 km east of Mariupol. 20 tanks have been spotted 61 km to the southeast of the "DPR" controlled city of Solntsevo. The bunching-up of the tanks violates previously inked agreements on the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the contact line.

Checking the position of Ukraine's Armed Forces machines, the OSCE spokesmen haven’t spotted any such violations. Some weapons have been moved to the village, located close to the position of the Ukrainian army.

The OSCE has also identified an empty location where previously there were 100-mm Rapier anti-tank guns.