No negotiations with the government will begin unless the three key requirements of protesters and the opposition are fulfilled. UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko has said about this at a press briefing at the headquarters of the national resistance, the political force's website informs, according to Ukrinform. "The first requirement is the release of illegally detained 14 activists of the Maidan. Second - punishing of people, guilty of beating peaceful protesters and journalists. Third - the resignation of Interior Minister Zakharchenko and the Azarov government. Then we will discuss the next steps out of this political crisis," Klitschko said. The UDAR leader also thanked reporters who objectively cover the events taking place in Ukraine. "It is important to objectively inform the public. Today, some journalists from the First National TV Channel left their work because they are muzzled and objective coverage of information is not allowed to them. We are confident that we can build a modern European country, where the most important values are human rights and freedom of speech. We are fighting for this," Klitschko said.