According to the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry, all life-supporting infrastructure, such as water treatment and pumping facilities, as well as essential social infrastructure in Crimea, have had backup power sources installed. However, only a 3-day fuel supply is currently available in Crimea.

According to Sergey Aksyonov, the power outage problem will not be resolved until December 22 when a first stage of a power-supplying bridge across the Kerch Strait is commissioned.

“I would like to dispel everyone’s fear: we have enough food, so there will be no food shortages,” said the self-proclaimed Head of the Crimean Government.

It was reported earlier that a power outage that hit Crimea after transmission towers got blown up in Ukraine’s Kherson region wreaked havoc on the peninsula causing cars to line up outside fuel stations where electricity is available, some supermarkets to close down and local residents to snatch up candles and flashlights.