United Russia Party won Sunday’s by-election to the State Council of the Republic of Crimea. Voter turnout has appeared to be only 20%, reports the press service of the Crimean parliament.

- According to the election results, Vadim Podlipentsev and Igor Polishchuk of United Russia Party won the by-election to the State Council of the Republic of Crimea Sept.13 in majority districts №9 (Kerch city) and №19 (village of Hvardiiske, Simferopol district), as said in a statement.

According to the Chairman of the Electoral Commission Mikhail Malyshev, the elections in two districts "were transparent and held without any violations." He said that "the turnout was relatively small and amounted to 20%."

- These figures are acceptable for by-elections, and they do not diminish the legitimacy of the Crimeans’ choice, he said.

It is also reported that on this voting day, Crimeans voted for deputies of the Dzhankoy, Saki, Feodosia and Belogorsk City Councils in single member constituencies.