Oleg Lyashko 'congratulates' Putin on his birthday

Speaking outside the session hall, Oleg Lyasko, the Radical Party’s leader, 'congratulated' the Russian President on his birthday by saying: ‘May he meet his untimely end!’

7 October 2015 11:58

After 'congratulating' Putin on his birthday, Oleg Lyashko told QHA that his party members are finding themselves under constant pressure now. However, they are defending national interests, which is why ‘none of them is going to abandon an atomic icebreaker called the Radical Party’.

Lyashko urged Pyotr Poroshenko to come to the Verkhovna Rada and report on the results of the ‘Normandy Four’ meeting. He also commented on the granting of a special status to Donbass by saying that the question should be put to a nation-wide referendum because the MPS are currently being forced to vote for the law.