Since the bail money for arrested Sergei Sternenko and Ruslan Demchak, Right Sector Party activists in Odessa, have been found, the detainees are to be released, wrote on his FB page Dmitry Yarosh, Right Sector leader.

According to Dmitry Yarosh, it (the bail - QHA) does not handle systemic questions, such as restoration of pre-Maidan orders, and revenge of Vilkul, Kivalov and Boyko followers, mass repressions, patriots’ persecution, unpunished Yanukovich’s henchmen, prosecutorial and police arbitrary actions, absence of real reforms, impoverishment of population, oligarchic groups tearing the state, Kuchma and Medvedchuk’s agreements with Putin and so on.

The leader of the Nationalist Movement stressed that if the government does not take the situation in its hands and tackles these issues, Ukraine will be hit hardly. Yarosh also urged his supporters to "be ready at call" since the actions in Odessa will not stop.