The Crimean authorities have issued a warning to the organizers of a sea blockade that Russian border guards have orders to shoot them on sight, RIA Novosti reports.

According to Mikhail Sheremet, First Vice Premier of the Crimean government, security in and around all strategically important facilities in Crimea, including a ferry connection across the Kerch Strait, has been tightened.

“We have things under complete control. Security measures have been stepped up, so they stand no chance,” said Sheremet.

In his turn, Ruslan Balbek, Vice Premier of the Crimean government, is confident that the sea blockade will be over once those involved in it encounter Russian warships.

“The sea blockade will be over after a first encounter with Russian Coast Guard vessels,” said Balbek.

Balbek went on to say that ‘Russian border guards will not think twice about shooting border trespassers on sight if they have to’.