(QHA) -

U.S. President Barack Obama and newly elected European Council President Donald Tusk discussed tougher measures against Russia on Monday.

Obama called Tusk on Monday to congratulate the Polish statesman on his first day as President of the European Council according to a White House statement. 

The European Council for the first time elected a president from from the former East bloc to lead the Council, whose mission is to deal with complex and challenging issues. 

The two leaders, during a phone call, agreed that sanctions against Russia would not be eased until Russia meets its commitments under the Minsk agreements. 

"The leaders assessed what further actions may be necessary in response to Russia’s destabilizing actions in eastern Ukraine and Crimea," the White House statement said. 

The Minsk agreement was signed on Sept. 5 after extensive talks between Russia, Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.

The agreement called for an immediate cease-fire that failed to stop fighting in the eastern regions of the country.