Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Minister Pavel Klimkin is going to discuss talks on de-occupation of Russia-annexed Crimea at a meeting  of foreign ministers due to be held in the Normandy format (with the participation of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France) on February 13, reports Ukrainian News.

“We are applying pressure, but Russia says that it is too early to discuss it yet. Incidentally, I will raise the subject at our meeting in the Normandy format, regardless of where it will take place,” Klimkin said.

Klimkin went on to say that the Ukrainian side will be interested in discussing humanitarian, environmental, economic and navigation issues, as well as the situation with security and the status of Crimea.

“Whether we will be able to start discussing all of the issues simultaneously is yet to be discussed. However, there are so many issues we would like to discuss and I hope Russians also realize that they are not being addressed. Being occupied by Russia, Crimea is headed nowhere today,” Klimkin said.

He also said that negotiations on de-occupation of Crimea will be held in an entirely different format that will have nothing to do with the ‘Normandy’ one talks on the settlement of the Donbass crisis are being held in.