(QHA) -

The Ukrainian president's advisor, Maryna Stavniychuk, has reaffirmed the absence of any judicial reasons at the moment to dissolve the country's Parliament, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

"I am deeply convinced that there are no judicial reasons to terminate the Verkhovna Rada's powers ahead of time," she told the Channel 5 television station on Monday evening.

"I do not want the president of Ukraine to be dragged into some very complicated uncontrolled processes today. I would like the president to remain the guarantor of the constitution, the observance of rights and freedoms, and the guarantor of sovereignty within the constitutional process and in his relations with parliament," Stavniychuk said.

Stavniychuk admitted the possibility of passing a constitutional act that would pave the way for a return to the 2004 constitution in Ukraine.

Should this happen, Ukraine will come across a huge problem in terms of applying the text of this constitution and its legitimacy, she said. Amendments were introduced into the constitution after the Constitutional Court repealed the political reform, she added.

In this case, the most rational option for the Ukrainian authorities will be to continue to work on a new constitution together with representatives of the opposition, Stavniychuk said.