QHA - There is no request for review of decisions of national courts or sending the prisoner for treatment abroad in the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the case of Tymoshenko vs. Ukraine, the Justice Ministry's press office said in a statement, reports Ukrinform. "The European Court on Human Rights did not find any political motives in violation of Tymoshenko's rights in the case. Also in the decision in the case of Tymoshenko vs. Ukraine the Court dismissed the applicant's claim for lack of adequate medical care in the penitentiary system institutions, where she is contained, and found that "national authorities provided the applicant with a comprehensive, effective and transparent medical care," the Ministry stated. The Ministry also noted the question of her release from punishment was not and could not be subject to review of the Court as the applicant at the time of the adoption by the European Court was serving a sentence on the basis of the verdict, which has already came into force. Moreover, the government will not appeal against the ECHR decision in the case Tymoshenko vs. Ukraine, for as the result of reforms of the judicial and law enforcement systems, the violations mentioned by the ECHR have been now eliminated, the statement reads. The Ministry recalled that the judgment of the European Court of Human Rights in the abovementioned case of April 30, 2013 acquired the final status on Tuesday, July 30.