In particular, Tarasyuk told why the military solution to de-occupation problem is not acceptable for today's reality.

“Russia has pursued its course of militarization of Crimea, doing everything to increase this source of military danger. Discussions on deployment of nuclear weapons in Crimea are already underway, and it is a global threat,” the MP noted.

He also expressed his vision of the strategy to address the issue of de-occupation.

“It is clear that there’s no military solution for de-occupation of the peninsula. We need to focus on consolidation of the international community around this issue. Judging from Minsk process, the issue of Crimea tends to fall by the wayside, although it causes no less danger than the war in Donbas. "Geneva +" as a separate mechanism is not enough for de-occupation of Crimea. It is necessary that President, government and diplomacy accelerate the creation of a new mechanism. Unfortunately, Germany and France showed the inability to secure peace in Donbas. Thus, it is necessary to involve the US, UK and EU as an integrated organization in creation of the new mechanism for de-occupation of Crimea,” Tarasyuk said.