(QHA) -

There will be no agitation among Crimean Tatar population in Crimea against taking part in population census, scheduled for October 14-25, deputy mufti of Crimea Esadullah Bairov announced.

According to Bairov, Crimean Tatars do understand the importance of the census and are ready to participate.

“We are all interested to know the results of the census and how did the demographic situation changed in Crimea”- he said.

As the press service of Crimean statistics reported, there will be 33 questions in the list during Crimean census.

People will be asked about the date and place of birth, native language and citizenship. There will be also questions about migration, education and means of subsistence.  

There will be separate block of questions on housing conditions, such as type and time of construction, material of outer walls, the types of improvement and sanitary living conditions, the total area of apartment, number of living rooms, and telecommunications).

The results will be summed up before May 1, 2015.