AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - The Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has appointed the new Consul General in Aqmescit: Vyacheslav Svetlichniy who served earlier in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Tajikistan sets to work. The Russian foreign office insists a replacement of their consul general does not connect with the conflict between the previous consul and the Crimean Tatars.
It would be recollected that the previous consul Vladimir Andryeyev had to resign after he accused the Crimean Tatars of treachery during the World War II. The Russia’s MFA had to disavow the statements of their diplomat in order to dampen down this conflict.
According to Vesti, the Vice-Chairman of the Majlis of Crimean Tatar nation Remzi İlâs stated he would watch for activities and expressions of diplomats regardless of a personality who leads the RF Consulate General: “I think it will serve as a lesson for the new consul, how his predecessor paid with his position, when he expressed brazenly and arbitrarily against the Crimean Tatars. I hope Vyacheslav Svetlichniy will not allow to himself to make such statements”.
The Ukrainian MP Eduard Leonov of the Svoboda Party said they are ready to boycott the Russian consulate: “We shall watch attentively for each step of the diplomats, his expressions. Svetlichniy should understand he is a guest in Crimea first of all, secondly, he is the diplomat who should establish friendly relations. There are not relations between elder and younger brothers but relations between the equal states”.