Crimean head Sergey Aksyonov has appointed Andrey Bezsalov minister of transport of Crimea. Relevant decree was posted on the government’s web site.

The appointment of Bezsalov comes as Crimea’s Minister of Transport Anatoliy Tsurkin, appointed Oct 21, 2014, resigned.

Commenting the resignation Tsurkin said that he “has accomplished the task, maintaining the operation of Kerch Ferry without any financing”.

Tsurkin went on saying that he would become an assistant of Crimean head on the issues of transport.

Ukraine in December suspended all train and bus services to Crimea due to a "deteriorating" security situation on the Black Sea peninsula, following its unification with Russia.

Although controlled by Moscow, Crimea's only land link is with Ukraine and it has remained dependent on the Ukrainian mainland for most of its supplies, including much of its electricity and water.

The suspension of bus and train links effectively created a Ukrainian transport blockade to and from the region, as Ukraine has already banned sea and air traffic with the territory, which is serviced only by Russian airlines.