According to Andrey Gordeev, newly-appointed Head of the Kherson Regional Administration, there can be no relations between currently occupied Crimea and the Ukrainian government.

“We do not recognize any authority in Crimea, so we cannot have any relations with Crimea. Crimea is now under an embargo and no commercial (cargo) transport is allowed in or out of it, the only exception being regular vehicles. People can also travel across the administrative border,” said Gordeev in an interview with LІ

When asked about resuming supplies of water and electricity to the occupied territory, the Head of the Kherson region said: “Crimea will get no power and water.”

According to Gordeev, there used to be a law authorizing export and import operations with Crimea, which the Ukrainian Government abolished.

“There are public representatives at all entry and exit checkpoints monitoring their operation jointly with the border guards, customs officers and police officers,” said the Governor.

Andrey Gordeev, an MP with the BPP faction, was appointed Head of Kherson Administartion by Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko on April 28.