Nikolay Kolesnik, curator of the Krivbass battalion, and Yuriy Butusov, Editor-in-Chief of, have shown the journalists an excerpt from an order authorizing capture of the town of Illovaysk issued by the ATO General Staff on August 5, 2014.

According to the document, the 40th battalion was to launch a raid into rebel-held Illovaysk and release the town by the end of the day.

Kolesnik and Butusov believe that the document provides an incriminating evidence against the ATO General Staff by proving this was a military operation.

This and other documents will soon be forwarded to the Military Prosecutor’s Office so it could launch an investigation into the Illovaysk tragedy.

According to Kolesnik and Butusov, the documents they have obtained contain names of senior officers responsible for issuing orders, information on what was done wrong or right, as well as violations of the military articles.

“The government must let public know how exactly the soldiers got killed and explain the fact to their families. Evidence like this will help everybody have a better idea of what happened and get the government to address the issue by initiating court proceedings”, said Yuriy Butusov.