According to the decree published on one of the Russia-backed terrorists’ sources, Igor Plotnitskiy, the leader of the "LPR" terrorists, has changed the date of the local elections from Nov.1, 2015 to Feb. 21, 2016.

- To change the day of the first elections of local heads and territories in which they are conducted ... from November, 1 2015 to February, 21 2016, as stated in the decree.

Reminder: the self-proclaimed authorities in Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics have agreed to postpone the local elections from Oct. 18 and Nov. 1 for the following year. The corresponding statement was made by Russia-backed terrorists Vladislav Daynego and Dennis Pushilin and published on the website of Lugansk Information Center.

Earlier on, the “DPR” Head Alexander Zakharchenko set a date for local elections in Donetsk on March, 20 2016.

The President of Ukraine stressed that the elections in Donbas are to be held under the Ukrainian legislation, and only after the Russian occupation forces being pulled out.