New Crimean constitution will most likely be adopted before April 10.  Referendum on this issue is not planned.  This was said by head of the constitutional commission, first vice-speaker of the State Council of Crimea Grigory Ioffe.

“The issue of referendum is not even on the agenda.  Discussion of the Constitution by people, in my opinion is a pseudo-democracy, ‘Soviet style’,” said Ioffe.

According to Ioffe, “it is enough that it is (Constitution –ed.) discussed by the expert community:  99% of citizens don’t have to understand the legal language”. 

At the same time, Ioffe noted that “of course, people need to be explained what it is about, but in a simple language”. 

“I believe we will hold a special session of the Crimean Parliament and will adopt a new Constitution there- by April 10, I think.  Then we will fully feel ourselves a subject of the Russian Federation”, said Ioffe.