According to the politician, after the failed voting on Wednesday, April 6, when the majority of citizens voted against the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, the Netherlands will not be able to continue the ratification process.

- If the results of the referendum remain the same, we won’t be able to continue the ratification of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. That is my political view. But we need more accurate results for final conclusions, Rutte wrote on Facebook.

The Prime Minister went on saying that in the near future the issue will be discussed with the Dutch government, and later - with Parliament and the European partners.

- It takes time. It’s more likely about weeks than days, said Mark Rutte.

As QHA reported earlier, April 6 the Netherlands held a consultative referendum on the signing of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. According to exit polls, 37.5% of pollers voted in favor of the Association with Ukraine, while 61.7% - against. In case the turnout appears to be less than 30%, the referendum will be declared invalid.

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