(QHA) -

NATO's top military commander, General Philip Breedlove, said on Tuesday the defence alliance is looking at beefing up its exercises in the Baltic Sea region in response to a surge last month in Russian military manoeuvres there.

"There will be a few changes in our program of exercises. The first aspect will not be related to the growth of their number. Instead, they will be grouped together (...) to better prepare our forces and allow countries to work together in frames of NATO forces. But, we are also considering the possibility of increasing the number of exercises "- announced the NATO forces' Commander.

General Breedlove also said that Russia continues to assist rebels in eastern Ukraine, which undermines the prospects for peace talks.

"Yes, there was a lull, but what there was not a lull in is the continued resupply, continued training and continued organisation of the forces east of the line of conflict," – announced the NATO Commander.