Nariman Jelal was handed a lawsuit banning activities of Mejlis

Natalia Poklonskaya, "Prosecutor" of the occupied Crimea handed over to Nariman Jelal, Chairman of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars, a copy of the lawsuit banning the organization’s activity.

15 February 2016 17:00

Natalia Poklonskaya has signed the statement to the Supreme Court of the Republic to ban the activities of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars on the basis of Section 9 of the Federal Law “On Countering Extremist Activity,” TASS reports.

"Currently, we are receiving appeals from the Crimean Tatars, including the leaders of Crimean Tatar associations with the request to recognize the activities of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatars as illegal and provocative, as well as to take action to prohibit the use of the Crimean Tatar National Flag by criminals involved in sabotage and carrying out blockades against the Crimean people,” reads a document announced by Poklonskaya.

PHOTO: telegraf.com.ua