Muzhdabayev: This is the beginning of the end of Crimea annexation

Muzhdabayev believes that despite the legally non-binding character of the EP resolution, it signals the beginning of de-occupation.

5 February 2016 16:14

On his Facebook page, Aider Muzhdabayev, Vice CEO of ATR Crimean Tatar TV Channel, commented on the significance of the resolution adopted by the Europarliament.

Muzhdabayev claims that despite the resolution’s non-binding character it may signal ‘the beginning of the end’ of Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

“This is not the end yet, but the beginning of the end. And the end will come after the sanctions are lifted (because no sanctions last forever) and Crimea returns under Ukrainian jurisdiction after being annexed by Russia in violation of international agreements,” wrote Muzhdabayev.

According to Muzhdabayev, the adoption of the resolution was made possible due to ‘the Western society and elite making up their mind’.