19-21, Head of Majlis of Crimean Tatar people and Member of Parliament of
Ukraine, Mustafa Сemil visited the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
(TRNC), at the invitation of the Head of Parliament of TRNC Hasan Bozer,

to, the main purpose of the visit was “participation in official
events to mark the 39th anniversary of the operations of the Turkish
armed forces at the island of Cyprus against the Greek “black Colonels”, who
committed a military coup at the island, carried out “ethnic cleansing” against
the Turkish population and tried to join the island to Greece”.   

After the
parade at the central boulevard in Nicosia, Mustafa Cemil had meetings with
the President of TRNC Derviş Eroğlu, the Prime Minister Sibel Siber, the
speaker of the Parliament Hasan Bozer and rector of Near East University Suat

During the
meetings, issues of strengthening cultural and business relations between
Crimea and Northern Cyprus were discussed. 
Mr. Cemil handed over to Mr. Gunsel a list of new students, who have
been tested at the department of education and culture of Mjlis of Crimean
Tatar people and will study at the Near East University from 2013.

During the Iftar (breaking fast, the evening
meal during the holy fasting month of Ramadan) on July 20, the head of Mejlis
also had meetings with guests from Turkey, namely Vice Prime Minister of Turkey
Beşir Atalay and Speaker of Turkish Parliament Cemil Cicek.