People’s deputy of Ukraine, ex-head of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Mustafa Jemilev was invited to Moscow to discuss the situation in Crimea.  He told about this to

According to Jemilev, in Moscow they are going to discuss the Crimean situation and will try to “lure” the Crimean Tatars to their side.

Jemilev said in Moscow he would meet with Russian President Putin.

However, Jemilev still doesn’t know whether he will go to Moscow or not.

“I will consult with our leadership,” said Jemilev.

As reported, the Crimean Parliament at its extraordinary meeting adopted a resolution “On guarantees of restoration of rights of Crimean Tatars and their integration into Crimean society”.  Jemilev called these initiatives of authorities an attempt to gain support of the indigenous people of Crimea.  In turn, Mejlis believes that demands of Crimean Tatars are finally heard by the Crimean Parliament.