AQMESCİT/SIMFEROPOL (QHA) - The resignation from the post of Chairman of the Majlis of Crimean Tatar nation for Mustafa Cemil has long been decided, however, the problem was the Qurultay of Crimean Tatar nation did not accepted his rejection. If the people continue to insist on his candidacy, he will refuse to register as the Qurultay's delegate.
The Majlis head announced this at his press conference in Aqmescit yesterday, May 29.
"Now the Qurultay of next convocation will elect a new Majlis and, hopefully, a new chairman. Otherwise, I am just not going to register as the Qurultay delegate," - Cemil said.
As for the issue that is being now discussed in the press about his resignation as People's Deputy of Ukraine, "this issue is to be resolved by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and if they deem it necessary to deprive me of my mandate, I shall give it. Believe me, I am up to the neck in work," - he emphasized.
Cemil does not rule that political opponents may try to benefit from the tragic situation in his family.
"However, as for the media, I have analyzed more than 200 publications, most of them are correct that may indicate a sufficient level of Ukrainian journalism," - the Majlis Chairman emphasized.