Crimean Imams were hinted that traditional home funeral and memorial ceremonies may be outlawed according to Said Ismagilov, the Mufti of the Religious Administration of Muslims of Ukraine "UMMA".

“Recitation of the Quran and prayers for the dead, were not prohibited, even during the Soviet Union. I have seen the elderly people gathering at our house to pray for the deceased since my childhood. In those days, when there were no mosques in Ukraine and no open Muslim rites were allowed, it was the only thing that people had from the faith of their fathers. But the modern Russia encroaches even on house religiosity. Even at home one will not be allowed to pray for the parents, along with other relatives. Such actions, such an interference of the Russian authorities into the religious life of the people will speed up the decline of this sup-Empire. It is completely inappropriate to take away the components of people’s national and religious identity. After all, it will be impossible to stop the people who have nothing to lose but chains,” Mufti wrote.

July 7, Putin signed the "Yarovaya’s anti-terrorism legislative package." According to experts it will have the most negative impact on the the faithful as the bill tightens regulations in the religious sphere. The ex-President of Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev has strongly criticized the anti-terrorism legislative package adopted by the State Duma, noting that domestic Muslim rites may be at risk.

Photo: Internet