(QHA) -

Religious Administration of Muslims of Crimea (the Muftiyat) calls on Crimea Muslins to be more attentive to their mosques, amid three incidents of mosque robberies in the region.

“One should not leave valuable things in the mosque and the donations should be taken from the mosque after the Friday prayer. If necessary, observation cameras should be placed”- reads the statement of the Muftiyat.

The Muftiyat calls on Muslims to visit mosques more often, so the robbers “will have no chance to commit their crimes.

At least 3 mosques were robbed in Crimea in recent days. The robbers have stolen the donation money. Still there was not much money in the mosques: less than $10 were stolen from Stroganovka mosque of Simferopol and some of $ 50 taken from the mosque of Oktyabrskoye village.