The Spiritual Administration of Crimean and Sevastopol Muslims and Haji Emirali Ablayev, Mufti of Crimean Muslims, extend their condolences to the Spiritual Administration of Stavropol Muslims and the Muslim umma (community) of the region over a tragic death of imam Zamirbek Makmutov.

The body of the imam, brutally murdered this morning, has been found outside a mosque in the village of Kara-Tub (Neftekumsk district of the Stavropol region).

“Zamirbek was a deeply religious, God-fearing and magnanimous person. He did his best trying to revive Islam and help it take root in the area. Apart from being a religious activist, he was also an excellent teacher loved by the children. We are all deeply shocked by the tragedy. His passing away is an irreconcilable loss for all Muslims of the Stavropol region. Our hearts go out to the next of kin of Zamirbek Makmutov.

Unfortunately, the large number of brutal incidents we are witnessing today is indicative of further depreciation of the value of the human life. This is an ailment our society is afflicted with due to its failure to observe the Almighty’s commandments which say that murdering a man is tantamount to slaughtering entire humankind.

We sincerely share in the grief and loss of the fellow Muslims from the Stavropol region and extend our deepest condolences to the next of kin and friends of Zamirbek Makmutov. We pray for the Allah Almighty to accept his return and grace his soul with His mercy and forgiveness by giving Zamirbek Makmutov the gift of Eternal Life. For it says truly in the Holy Quran: “Indeed, those who have true faith, perform good deeds and are humble in the face of their God will earn the right to be in the Heavenly Kingdom for eternity (11: 25/23)”, says a statement issued by the Crimean Muftiyat.

Zamirbek Makmutov, 32, an imam of the village of Irkagly (the Neftekumsk district of the Stavropol region), has been found dead outside a mosque today. There were multiple gunshot wounds on the man’s body, Kavkazski Uzel news agency reports.

According to Kavkazski Uzel, Makmutov was on his way to the mosque for a morning prayer when he got killed.

A graduate of the Russian Islamic University in the city of Kazan, Makmutov was an expert in the Quran. He was a father to four children, with a fifth child currently on the way.