MPs claim that it is too early to pass the laws necessary for the introduction of visa-free regime, reports the QHA (Crimean News Agency) correspondent.

MP Elena Sotnik of Samopomіch Party believes the bills for introduction of amendments to the Criminal Code necessary for visa-free regime, are not being firmed up and may violate human rights.

MP Serhiy Vlasenko for Batkivshchyna (Fatherland ) Party says the law is "unfit" and the Cabinet is trying to manipulate the criminal legislature disguising under the idea of European integration. Batkivshchyna wants to approach Europe, but not through the manipulation of human freedoms.

MP Sergey Melnichuk said the People’s Will Party is against the proposed legislation since it doesn’t contain even a hint of a visa-free regime. The Minister of Justice Pavel Petrenko urges deputies to pass laws if they want to approach Europe.

Head of Radical Party Oleg Lyashko said that the Cabinet only creates anti-corruption bodies, but it’s a fat lot of good. All these laws - the tools to crack down on political opponents. Real reform is to completely dismiss all judges and prosecutors.

Yuriy Lutsenko said that the Petro Poroshenko Block party will vote for the laws.

Independent MP Vladimir Parasyuk said it is necessary to boot out the authorities, which have led the people to poverty.