Sergei Leshchenko told about his presidential ambitions. When asked on the reasons for a large-scale political attack the "Euro-optimists" conduct against the government (on the issue of NABU and the electronic declaration), he said:

I compete with Lutsenko for the right to be the successor of Poroshenko. Only if Lutsenko wants to be the successor in the line of corrupt clans, then I - through society and democratic values, the MP said.

A journalist who was talking with Leshchenko took the words of the latter as irony or trolling, but the MP specially stressed that this is not a joke, and his intentions are absolutely serious.

Earlier, Nadiya Savchenko said that she is "forced" to become President of Ukraine. According to her, it is necessary to introduce a dictatorship in order to change the political system in Ukraine.

Photo: Internet