According to Moskalkova, despite Russia’s repeated urges Ukraine declines to take back its citizens convicted under the laws of Ukraine.

“I would like to address Ukraine’s Ombudsman regarding Ukrainian citizens serving prison sentences in Crimea - the ones whom their country does not want. They committed crimes as citizens of Ukraine and in the territory of Ukraine, so there is no reason to keep them in the territory of another country. However, there has been no response from the Ukrainian authorities, yet,” RIA Novosti quotes Moskalkova as saying.

Russian Ombudsman went on to say that she receives a lot of letters from Ukrainian ombudsmen containing ‘anti-Russian rhetoric’.

“We will take action if there are cases of human rights abuses. If we can free our citizens imprisoned in Ukraine, we will take all steps necessary for their release,” Moskalkova said, when asked what she is doing to free Russians serving sentences in Ukrainian prisons.