“Igor Moseychuk’s lawyer was not present at the time the notice of suspicion was served upon his client. Today, the Pechersky Court is to appoint a judge and decide when and where a trial should take place. That should happen at roughly 3-4 p.m.,” writes Linko.

In a yesterday’s vote, the Rada approved to strip Igor Moseychuk of his immunity. Prior to the vote, a video furnished by Vikror Shokin, Ukraine’s Attorney General, was played in the session hall in which Moseychuk was seen accepting graft money. Moseychuk, who was taken into custody right in the middle of the Rada’s session, claims the video was tampered with.

Oleg Lyashko, leader of the Radical Party, said that the General Prosecutor’s Office is seeking to strip two other members of his party of their immunity.

“I came by the information that the General Prosecutor’s Office is planning to submit another motion to the Rada whereby two other members of the Radical Party, Lozovoy and Linko, are to be stripped of their immunity”, Lyashko said.