Russian government considers the possibility of cutting the country off the global Internet in a state of emergency, Vedomosti daily reports on Friday.

The issue will reportedly be discussed next Monday at a meeting of the Russian Security Council chaired by President Vladimir Putin. The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media will report to the president the results of an inspection last July that was supposed to test the reliability of the Internet in Russia and prevent disruption in case of hostile activity.

It is expected that the officials will make several resolutions to strengthen the sovereignty of the Russian Internet. Specifically, new Internet management rules could allow disconnecting Russia from the global network.

There is no discussion of permanently blocking access to the global system. However, Russian Internet operators will have to adjust their equipment so that in case of emergency Russian Internet could be promptly cut off from the global network.

The officials will also discuss the transfer of domain administration duties to the state. Currently, domains are administered by a public organization, the Coordinating Center for the National Internet Domain. If approved, the responsibility could be transferred to the Federal Communications Agency that reports to the Mass Media and Communications Ministry.