(QHA) -

Moscow has slammed the representative on freedom of the media of the OSCE, Dunja Mijatovic, for "one more groundless and openly biased press release" with "artificial anxiety at the future  of the Avdet  newspaper,  published by  the  Mejlis of  the Crimean  Tatar People".

It comes after Mijatovic expressed concern about the fate of Crimean Tatar Avdet newspaper-- a press organ of Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, being published from June 15, 1990.

"While she calls for law and  order in Crimea,  Mijatovic  is well aware that the Mejlis  and the Avdet newspaper  controlled by it,  which has repeatedly been warned about  the unacceptability of public  appeals for extremist activities, refuse  to stay within the  limits of law.  In the Russian Federation, the requirements of law  are  the  same  for everyone, no exceptions are allowed,"- Russia's Foreign Ministry said  in a statement.

"It is  deplorable that  such overinflated  attention to  the  mass media of the Russian  Federation and Crimea as  one of its  constituents parts, attention that borders on bias, is exerting a negative effect  on the quality of media freedom monitoring  in the rest of the OSCE  member states with  their glaring  violations that  remain outside  Mijatovic's proper attention," the ministry said. 

"It should  be well  known  in the  OSCE,  which has  fewer member countries than Russia does ethnic groups, that in our country with its rich traditions of peaceful coexistence of various peoples and religious communities there exists special  sensitivity  for  manifestations  of extremism"- the statement said. 

Earlier, Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, and the Avdet office, located in the same building were raided by police. The stuff was given 24 hours to evacuate the building.

Crimea was annexed by Russia in March, after local referendum on region’s status was conducted.