Alexander Zakharchenko, leader of the Donetsk separatists, called another news conference last week. Events like this are hardly worth mention because this individual with the intelligence of a cavemen keeps coming up with the same kind of statements rife with clichés such as ‘banderovtsy’ (Bandera followers) and ‘hunta’.

During his last news conference, Zakharchenko was more articulate - a clear indication that his key messages originated in Moscow.

Among other things, he said that Ukraine’s salvation may lie in protest movements which should be based on ‘prudence and common sense’.

“If there is a protest movement based on common sense, then this will surely be Ukraine’s salvation. See for yourself: it is obvious that the current Ukrainian government is taking the country down the path which leads to disaster. The loss of sovereignty, external administration, economic decline, growing poverty and unemployment – this will all lead to the country’s economic downfall and political disaster. And that will ultimately cause the country to disintegrate,” said Zakharchenko.

He went on to say that the DPR would be happy to see movements like this emerge in Ukraine but refrain from taking any action.

“We will be really happy to see the Ukrainian people shed their apathy and initiate change in their country through protests. That way Ukraine will be able to return to the family of civilized nations and leave the Bandera quagmire. If that does not happen, things will be very bad. I can safely say that Ukraine must change or it will cease to exist!” said Zakharchenko.

The key words are: ‘will be happy’, ‘refrain from taking any action’, ‘to the family of civilized nations’, ‘otherwise it will cease to exist’.

Translated into the layman’s language that means: ‘refrain from taking any action’ – ‘we will not be launching any offensive against Ukraine, because we are fed up with the sanctions’; ‘will be really happy to see’ – ‘Russia will be supporting a fifth column in Ukraine in every way possible’; ‘to the family of civilized nations’ – ‘Ukraine should fall back under Russian control; ‘or it will cease to exist ‘ –  ‘or a plan will be set in motion to divide Ukraine up amongst other nations’.

It is clear that Russia failed in her attempt to march victoriously into Ukraine under the banner of the ‘Russian world’. Russia is facing a very difficult situation now that sanctions have been imposed on her. The Russian people are paying a steep price for the two costly adventures called ‘Novorossiaya’ and ‘Krymnash’ they embarked on.

The Kremlin retreated with its tail between its legs but it did not forsake its ambitious plan to pull Ukraine back into its orbit. It will even be happy with having only a part of Ukraine. It is nobody’s secret that Putin made a very enticing proposal to the Polish government. And though the Polish leaders claim they did not take him up on his proposal, there is strong sentiment in Poland to return the territories that once belonged to her. An organization called the ‘Restitution of Kresy’, which is tasked with returning and getting compensation for the property Poland owned in western Ukraine, aka Eastern Kresy, prior to WWII, has recently been set up in Poland. And Moscow is willing to use the sentiment to its advantage.

The Kremlin is taking a systemic approach to undermining Ukraine from within. The rumors of Yanukovitch being assassinated by FSS officers, which were disseminated in Ukraine prior to his departure, were exaggerated, to put it mildly. The Kremlin still needs Yanukovitch but it is not counting on his return. They have made another decision instead. So what if Yanukovitch is the embodiment of corruption and all kinds of other evils? Let Azarov be the good guy because under his government the Dollar cost 8 Hryvnas, salaries were higher and so on and so forth. Therefore, they had him put together a kind of a government in exile or the so called ‘Committee for Ukraine’s Salvation’. Funded by Russia (surprise, surprise) and former Ukrainian MP Igor Markov, the Committee has already chosen Vladimir Oleynik, a former member of the Party of the Regions and co-author of the ‘dictatorial’ laws, to be Ukraine’s next President. Probably feeling like a President, he urged Ukrainians to establish salvation committees in all of the country’s regions. Surely, there are quite a few Ukrainian politicians and public officials who are covertly or overtly seeking to do things the way they did under Yanukovitch.

The pro-Kremlin puppets are facing an important task of increasing their electoral support.  Using key messages, such as ‘Dollar must cost 8 Hryvnas’ and ‘Russia is our key partner and major market’, the so called ‘experts’, politicians and public officials are already working systemically to resolve it.

Yes, there are prerequisites for a powerful fifth column to emerge in Ukraine: living standards are not improving and fight with corruption remains a subject politicians only speculate on.

What the Kremlin is doing makes perfect sense but Putin’s experts have failed to factor in the strong feeling of patriotism that helps Ukrainians resist all its attempts to destroy Ukraine. The Ukrainian people is stronger and more united than ever before. And it is impossible to defeat a united nation.

Yuriy Uvarov