The share of Russians who are happy with Vladimir Putin’s work as president has reached 89 percent, which is his highest-ever approval rating, according to the Kremlin courtiers sociologists.

According to the poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center, such a high approval level is connected, first of all, with the events in Syria - the Russian air strikes on “terrorists’ positions” (26% of those surveyed called these events the main ones for the last week).

According to the Research Center report, for more than year and a half the Russia’s President actions are approved by more than 80% of population. Putin's rating has started going up in the spring 2014 on the background of the Russia’s occupation of Crimea and Sevastopol: in March 2014 it reached 76.2, in April - 82.2, and in May - 86.2%.

It’s interesting to note that during this period, first under the influence of purely economic factors, and then under the influence of the sanctions, the Russian ruble started plummeting that, in turn, led to a decrease in purchasing power and inflation. However, the aggression against "brotherly Ukraine" has outweighed the economic problems.

Now, when the economy is “sinking” even deeper, the state is scraping a number of social programs and freezing pension savings fund, it seems, it should have led to a drop in Putin’s rating, but a new "reality show" - "Save Assad" has appeared.

Of course, Russian TV does not show the pictures with crippled Syrian children, destroyed schools and hospitals in Syrian cities. However, the Kremlin propaganda has not banned the Internet yet, so the part of the Russians can see the consequences of the "war on terrorism" in Syria. In spite of this, the rating is still going up!

Unfavorable conclusions suggest themselves: either the most part of the Russian society is really sick, or the Research Center, putting it mildly, overestimates the real data on Putin’s approval very strongly.

It’s hoped the latter is closer to the truth.