A monument to the ‘Russkiy Mir’ (Russian World) grieving over a bullfinch’s body has been unveiled on Zaporozhye’s Heroes Square on August 24, 2015.

Maxim Drozdenko, a local resident, who came up with the idea for the monument, enlisted the help of Alexander Tretyak, an architect, to make it materialize.

“The monument is to an Internet meme that originated in Zaporozhye and made fun of Russian ‘zhydobanderovtsy’ (Russian-speaking Jews sympathizing with the Bandera movement) and a bullfinch. It stands for both a tortured to death bullfinch and the ‘Russkiy Mir’ (Russian World) grieving over its dead body,” says Maxim Drozdenko.

It took Maxim three months to finish the sculpture. Unfortunately, the paperwork authorizing erection of the monument is not yet there, which is why its authors have applied to the city’s Architecture Department for a permit.