“Modern checkpoints will be installed on the border with Crimea,” said Volodymyr Omelyan, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, during his visit to the Kherson region, UNN reports.

After inspecting checkpoints on the administrative border with Crimea, Omelyan said new checkpoints would soon be installed in their place for the convenience of pedestrians and vehicles.

According to him, the checkpoints, designed to be as mobile as possible, will be installed as temporary facilities. Technical documentation for the checkpoints is expected to be prepared by September 15, 2015.

“We will have had all legal procedures finalized and commenced construction by September 15, 2015. We’re going to widen the lanes and provide additional facilities, such as running water, public lavatories, recreational facilities and parking lots for cars and trucks,” Volodymyr Omelian noted.

The Deputy Minister specified neither construction completion date, nor how much the project would cost.