According to reports from Crimea, the mobilization for all men aged 18–50 has begun in the northern parts of the peninsula. They have been obliged to come to the military enlistment offices with things for taking full conversion courses.  

It is noteworthy that the employees of the military enlistment offices go from house to house, informing the men of mobilization.  According to a QHA source, a Crimean Tatar registered to be residing at Dzhankoy district but working in Sudak city was obliged by phone to come to the military enlistment office with personal items.

However, the Crimean authorities keep silent, not commenting on what is happening.

It was reported earlier that military equipment has been moving accros Crimea for the last 5 days.  A column of more than 100 pieces of military equipment, including trucks, armored personnel carriers and other military equipment was observed in Simferopol. Another column of armored vehicles was moving to Feodosia along the highway Simferopol – Kerch.