KYIV (QHA) - Judges Volodymyr Kolesnychenko and Vitaliy Kuzmyshyn and Ukrainian Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych have been elected as members of the Supreme Council of Justice of Ukraine.
"The first three [on the voting paper]," Batkivschyna parliamentary faction member Oleksandra Kuzhel told reporters while commenting on the results of the voting on Tuesday.
According to an Interfax-Ukraine reporter, 309 MPs voted for Kolesnychenko, 244 for Kuzmyshyn, and 238 for Lavrynovych.
Professional judges Volodymyr Kolesnychenko and Vitaliy Kuzmyshyn, Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych, lawyer and politician Serhiy Vlasenko, and Svoboda parliamentary faction MP Oleh Makhnytsky were the five candidates for membership in the Supreme Council of Justice.
The voting was conducted as a secret ballot.
Some experts consider Lvrynovych will leave the ministerial position and will be at the head of the Supreme Council of Justice. This step is caused by necessity to strengthen Yanukovych's positions during the forcoming presidential elections in 2015.