Migrants stranded on the border between Greece and Macedonia sew their lips shut protesting against not being allowed to continue their journey to the EU, reports Espreso.TV

Six half-naked men sew their mouths shut, scrawled messages such as "Just freedom" on their chests and foreheads and sat down on railroad tracks in front of riot police near the village of Eidomeni.

The men - some of whom appear to be from Iran's Kurdish minority – were joined by men from Bangladesh and Morocco after they were deemed "economic migrants" and denied passage.

Hundreds of migrants have been protesting after Macedonia limited passage to only those fleeing conflict.

There has been increased debate in the EU over tightening border restrictions after a series of terror attacks struck Paris on November 13. Balkan countries said last week they would only open their borders to people fleeing countries affected by war, such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.