(QHA) -

American IT companies, including Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec and Hewlett-Packard (HP), suspend cooperation with banks and companies of the Russian Federation, which were earlier sanctioned by the United States, Ukrainian chanel '24' reports.

Russian news media Gazeta.ru was informed about this by IT departments of two banks, which were previously sanctioned by the US.

A source from one American company confirmed the possibility of fast imposing of sanctions on companies present in sanction list compiled by the United States.

Executive secretary of the commission of Russia’s State Duma on strategic informational systems Andriy Chernogor has confirmed that American IT companies joined sanctions on a number of Russian banks, Gezate.ru reports.

However, Microsoft refused to give comments, and Oracle and HP did not respond to the request of Gazeta.ru.

Reminder: As US Secretary of State John Kerry informs, the United States are ready to impose sanctions on energy, finance and defense sectors of Russia’s economy. He promised new sanctions, in case Ukraine crisis is not resolved.

In addition, EU has included only individuals in their list of sanctions, while the United States also imposed sanctions over companies connected with Vladimir Putin.