Member of ‘Svoboda’ party, head of ‘Svoboda’ branch in Sumi region of Ukraine Igor Miroshnichenko said that statements of ex-president of Crimea Yuriy Meshkov and his supporters during the round table on the status of Crimea are manifestations of xenophobia and could lead to split of the country. “Actions of these Crimeans are nothing else but a criminal offense… such figures as Yuriy Meshkov should be in prison. Their statements are xenophobic and could lead to split of our country,”- said Miroshnichenko. As reported by us, an all-Crimean round table took place in Simferopol at the initiative of exiled ex-president of Crimea Yuriy Meshkov. The event gathered deputies of Crimean Parliament of different convocations, leaders of public organizations of Crimea and Sevastopol, heads of national cultural societies, business community, experts, political scientists and journalists. Ex-president of Crimea communicated with participant via Skype. In his speech he urged the Crimean organizations to reestablish the Crimean constitution of 1992. “Our common goal is to mobilize and create the base for future changes. In my understanding, Crimean Public Parliament should be such base. Within it, there should be a body that develops and enforces resolutions of the all-Crimean Referendum of 1991, which proclaimed the Republic of Crimea autonomous and independent. It should also bring back into effect the constitution of 1992. Social network could unite participants of this public movement,”- said Meshkov.