German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was open for discussing British Prime Minister David Cameron’s suggestions on his country’s joining the EU.

“We would like to consider the suggestions in the spirit of seeking solutions. There are both complex and less complex points here,” DPA news agency quotes the Chancellor as saying.

Merkel went on to say that she spoke to Cameron on the phone before, so the suggestions currently under discussion came as no surprise to her.

“Either way, Germany will make its contribution which will be in strict compliance with the EU regulations,” said Anfela Merkel.

A referendum on joining the EU will be held in Great Britain in 2017, so the British Prime Minister is trying to get Brussels to make concessions to London. Great Britain is seeking to protect itself from social welfare abuses and other benefits which draw migrants from poor EU countries to the United Kingdom.

London is also against further expansion of powers of EU institutions in Brussels and demands that parliaments of several EU countries be allowed to veto decisions adopted by EU institutions.