Alexander Kostenko, a member of the Evromaidan protest convicted by a Crimean court, is to be taken to a correctional facility on October 5, writes Dmitry Sotnikov, Kostenko’s lawyer, on his Facebook page.

“According to inside information, Alexander Kostenko is due to be taken to a correctional facility on Monday. Neither Kostenko’s lawayers, nor his family members have received any official confirmation of this,” writes Sotnikov.

The lawyer claims Alexander Kostenko’s mother is still being prevented from seeing her son, who is currently being held at Simferopol’s pretrial detention facility #1.

“Since she has been officially appointed her son’s defense lawyer, this constitutes a breach of the right to be defended,” writes Sotnikov.

According to Sotnikov, Kostenko’s current state of health is unknown. Earlier he complained of experiencing pain in his hand, which he underwent surgery on, and forearm.

On May 15, 2015, Simferopol’s Kiev District Court sentenced Alexander Kostenko to 4 years and 2 months in a correctional facility for inflicting bodily harm on a Berkut riot police officer and illegally possessing firearm components.

Kostenko’s defense lawyers said they would be appealing the verdict with the European Court of Human Rights.

In August, Kostenko had his jail term reduced to 3 years and 11 months.