Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people has planned conducting annual events dedicated to Human Rights Day, which is marked annually across the world on Dec10. Crimean authorities, however, will not allow any mass events to the Mejlis.

Deputy head of Mejlis Nariman Dzhelal announced this during Mejlis session, QHA correspondent reports.

“For years, we have traditionally conducted mass events, in particular rallies, dedicated to the problems of Crimean Tatar people. Traditionally we adopted a resolution, which served as an appeal to the authorities. Still the things have changed. We were banned from conducting May 18 mourning meeting, and then the authorities banned us from all the mass events, referring to different reasons”- Dzhelal said.

“They (the authorities,-ed.) made it clear that the Mejlis will not be allowed to hold any mass events Dec 10 or any other day. There is no sense to explain why”- he added.

Dzhelal’s statement comes after newly created NGO “Qirim” gathered some of 500 people at Simferopol central square Dec 1. The organizers called the event “All Crimean meeting dedicated to the support for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Ankara”.