Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people made an appeal to the international community.  In particular, Mejlis appealed to UN, OSCE, European Union, European Council, parliaments and governments of different countries. 

In particular, the statement says:

“The situation in Crimea continues to escalate. 

The decisions of Crimean Parliament adopted on March 6, 2014 “On conducting an all-Crimean referendum”, scheduled for March 16, 2014 became an additional factor for escalation of tension in Crimean society.  The multiethnic population of the peninsula fears large-scale provocations that can be arranged by members of Cossack organizations from Krasnodar region and other regions of the Russian Federation, who massively enter the territory of Crimea.

Expanding of Russian troops on the peninsula and the excessive activation of the so-called “people’s self-defense groups” impede the activities of journalists and diplomats.  Preventing the OSCE observers from entering the Crimean peninsula indicates that the situation at any moment can turn into a very dangerous phase, directly threatening the safety and lives of people. 

Threat of violence becomes more explicit towards Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar communities, whose opinions on the status of Crimean peninsula differ from those, who are pursuing a policy of separatism and rejection of Crimea from Ukraine.  Violence can also be applied to people of other ethnicities, who don’t agree with the policy of current Crimean “authorities”. 

In this situation, in order to prevent large-scale humanitarian and social disaster, the consequences of which will become tragic for all people, regardless of ethnicity, Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people appeals to all international organizations, parliaments and governments to immediately consider the introduction into the territory of Crimea UN peacekeeping forces.”