A hearing got underway in annexed Simferopol to determine whether to recognize the Mejlis a terrorist organization and, if found guilty, ban it in the Russian Federation, Zair Smedlyayev,  Chairman of the Kurultay’s Central Executive Committee, said in an interview with QHA.

“Security level has been raised to an unprecedented level. Armed men wearing bulletproof vests are standing at the entrance. There are two ambulances waiting outside the court building. A siren is heard wailing. As usual, riot police officers are stationed at the entrance. They have also installed turnstiles. Police are all over the place,” said Smedlyayev.

According to Smedlyayev, a telephone bomb threat caused the increased security level.

“I wonder how one can plant a bomb in the building if it takes walking through two metal detectors just to get inside? How can one bring in any explosives? It is quite clear to me that this was done by someone of the staff. I think that is another intimidation attempt, just like the yesterday’s detentions at a market and in a coffee shop. It has already been decided that the Crimean Tatars are a nation of criminals and traitors. And they are doing everything to prove that,” Smedlyayev said.

It was reported earlier that a hearing in the Mejlis case due to be held at Crimea’s Supreme Court on March 17 was rescheduled for April 7.