Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people has created commissions and work groups to develop amendments to the new Crimean Constitution in regard of respecting the rights of indigenous people.

“We have created special commissions and groups who are working on the issue… We are preparing specific articles for the Crimean Constitution in terms of respecting the rights of the indigenous people,” noted head of Mejlis Refat Chubarov during a briefing.   

According to Chubarov, in the next two days Mejlis will come up with clear wordings and formulations of some articles of the Crimean Constitution, which will fully comply with the right of Crimean Tatars for self-determination.

“We will share the document with all parties that are in the process of resolving the situation.  All these steps don’t mean that we have made a concrete choice as for status of Crimea.  All those arguments, that Crimean Tatars took one side and abandoned the other- are not true.  Today we only talk about respecting the rights of Crimean Tatars,” stressed Chubarov.

He also noted that by April1, Mejlis has no clear response neither from Kyiv or Moscow, nor from Washington or Brussels.  However, Crimean Tatar issue is being discussed there, Chubarov notes.